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Tips from your local Indian Takeaway in Astley.

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How do you cook yours?

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At Astley Tandoori, it will depend on the dish we are cooking! Onions are an essential ingredient to many curries, but did you know they’re cooked using different methods depending on the finished dish?

Onion cooking methods

Who knew there were so many uses for onions, depending on the style of cooking used?! Our Chef knows exactly what to use and when to use them develop each dish from scratch as you place your order. Here are three of the most used cooking styles for onions in the Open Kitchen at Astley Tandoori.

Boiling finely chopped onions together with garlic and ginger with a small amount of water and leaving to simmer for around 1 hour produces a thick paste which can then be used as a base in creamy dishes such as Masala, Korma or Makhani.

Browning sliced onions on a higher heat produces a different texture and flavour. Taking care not to burn the onions, cooking for a longer period on a higher heat creates a sweeter flavour with a carmelised texture perfect for flavouring Nehari and Karahi dishes.

Sautéed onions are cooked over a moderate heat until they have softened and have become translucent. Stirring continuously, the process of sautéeing takes around ten minutes and results in deliciously sweet chunks of onion with a firm texture.  Onions prepared in this way will be found in abundance in dishes such as Bhuna and Rogan Josh.

Staff Curry

As discussed in our Takeaway Hack #1, our special base recipe uses a large amount of onions to form the gravy of all curries from the Korma to the Phall. If you prefer a curry without the addition of sliced onions, ensure you let us know when you place an order not to include sliced or chopped onions.

Onions are used in abundance by chefs, with some kitchens using anywhere from 50kg – 200kg per week!

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