Indian Takeaway Hack #2

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Special Curry Powder Mix

You have probably got a stash of madras or vindaloo curry powder going stale at the back of your cupboard, and are unsure what to do with it other than let it hide back there until a heat seeking friend pops over for dinner.
Curry powder blends are great to add as a ‘catch all’ spice hit and be the beginning of special creations adding other whole and ground spices and herbs along the way.

Curry Convenience

Below you will find a variety of spices which blends together to use with your curry base from Hack #1. Turmeric, coriander and cumin always feature heavily in any good base, alongside one of the curry powders you may already have in your cupboard. Note here that chilli is an optional addition to this powder and clistan be add later for you to adjust to taste depending on your guests, and the heat of the Indian style dishes you are cooking.

Spice Blend Recipe

Grab yourself a large jar to mix the spices below, and conveniently store in your spice cupboard ready to cook with, alongside your Curry Base

  • 40g Turmeric
  • 40g Curry Powder
  • 30g Ground Coriander
  • 20g Paprika
  • 15g Ground Cumin
  • 15g Garam Masala

When you start cooking and are using this spice mix, the ratios are quite simple to translate; for every 500g of vegetables, meat or a combination of both, use 1 tablespoon of the mixed powder. Now you are ready to crank up the heat and get cooking! You will have to wait until the next Hack to discover one of our Chef’s recipes!


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